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Pick Your Petal

Click from Angus Adventures, Landscaping Voucher, Furniture Voucher, Build Upgrade or Stamp Duty Saver.


Pick your favourite petal and secure a reward up to the value of $10k! 

Let us reward you for building at Angus Estate by helping you save on your Stamp Duty.​

A contribution towards your Stamp Duty payment can be made of up to $10K.

With the money you save you can reward yourself with just about anything! 

Take an adventure on us! ​

This reward allows you to take a holiday up to the value of up to $10K while your home is being built, or even as a celebration afterwards. 

This is a great reward for the buyer who already has all their property needs sorted and still wants to explore the world.

Whether you've never been to Europe or a first home buyer wanting to go backpacking, Angus Estate has you covered!


You're on the way to your $10k reward. Fill out and submit the form below to secure your choice!

Congratulations! You are on your way to receiving your $10k reward!

Have you thought about the landscaping around your new home?

This is usually one of the last things buyers think of and may not realise the value it can add to your home or the time it can take to do it yourself! Clever landscaping can save you time and money while giving your property the tidy finish it needs to make it really feel like your own. 

This reward gives you the opportunity to spend up to $10K on landscaping your new Angus Estate address. 

Go on a furniture shopping spree on us!

This incredible reward allows you to furnish your beautiful new home without having to max-out the credit card.

Have the freedom of choice knowing after your house is built you have the luxury of picking out beautiful new furniture with a voucher of up to $10K. 

Have your eye on a particular build but can't afford the upgrade?

This reward will help you get the house of your dreams with a build upgrade to value of up to $10K.

Choose from a range of trusted builders and get the perfect home for you and your family. 

Whether it's adding an extra room for a growing family, implementing a more desirable layout, or getting that desirable double garage, this reward helps you achieve your house goals!

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