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You Don't Have To Put Your Dreams On Hold.

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, we are all facing challenges not seen for over 100 years.

But we are a country and a people who have faced adversity many times and always overcome. If we have confidence in ourselves, this too shall pass. 

We don't believe anyone should put on hold your dream of homeownership, so we have created a purchasing opportunity for you.

Believe it or not, now is the best time to secure the land you want and plan your new home. Interest rates are at historical lows and Australia needs the housing construction industry to kick start the economy, creating jobs and opportunities for all. To do that, we have to have confidence we can wait out the storm. 

Buy land at Angus Estate and we will pay your mortgage for 12 months* to give you time to design and plan your dream home, without stress, while waiting for the inevitable economic recovery.

Register your interest now, or call Sharyn on 0417 867 383 to learn more.

*Terms and Condition apply

Thank You For Your Interest, Unfortunately, This Promotion Has Ended.

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